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Welcome to the FFVII: NC Wikia! Neverending Crisis or 'NC' for short, is a very long running AOL-Chat-Based Roleplaying group. It explores the world of Final Fantasy 7 in semi-canon fashion, and in constantly changing fashions as it's custom characters add more and more to the existing world with their own plots and characters.

Here, we encourage creativity among our members, and stress character and story development over all else. Many members hold their own personal Storylines for others to help them complete, and each player is rewarded with experience points with the possibility of a requested material reward. These rewards can be weapons, armor, materia, and so forth. In NC, we use a dice system. This may turn people away at first, but it is as fair as any dice system can get. We also use Turn Based Logic as well and some members are very skilled in such.

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